About CoMoCo

Difficulties want to be solved

We help everyone to find the best solution themselves

Who are we? And why do we do what we do?

At Comoco Coaching & Consulting we bring several decades of international corporate experience in different areas and industries. Often we have experienced that it is especially the small unresolved difficulties that cause the most concern. As founder of Comoco Coaching & Consulting, I aim to provide short-term support for all individuals and teams. Individual, solution focused and appreciative. Instant and immediate.

So that everyone can find the right solutions themselves with new perspectives!

How often have you experienced the following situation? Someone was so engrossed in a topic that the obvious solutions were not discovered? Often single impulses are enough to support employees finding solutions. Unfortunately, no one is spontaneously available to give these impulses. The challenges become greater and the burden grows. Coaches and trainers can help, but are not spontaneously available.
And that, although – or: because – there are thousands of coaches, trainers and consultants. How do employees get support at short notice?

We do it! Simple. Immediate. Effective.

How do we implement this?

We enable short-term, individual support for all.

We have developed the 30-minute focus coaching. We currently provide assistance on nine different everyday topics. The coaching sessions allow for a change of perspective. This should help employees* discover new ideas for solving difficulties.

Time is a critical factor. This service is therefore completely online and accesses a large network of certified coaches and trainers available at short notice.

Employees choose a coaching topic and an appointment. The system provides a suitable, available coach. And already can be worked together on new perspectives for solution ideas.


Howand where does comoco focus coaching work?

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